Everyone who likes to bet has thought about it: to make money on sports betting by betting on match-fixing. You just need a reliable source of advice and then it will work – interbet login.

If only it were that easy. There are fixed matches, postponed games, agreed or even purchased games. However, according to our experience and research, these are the criminal industries that remain hidden. The Facebook groups and Instagram profiles who want to make a fuss and ostensibly sell us 100% safe betting tips are nothing but eccentrics and petty criminals.

Fixed Matches: Social Media Groups

You can get hundreds of views on Facebook alone: ​​if we search for keywords such as fixed matches, fixed games and safe bets, several groups and pages will appear. Have you ever wondered what it is that is behind this page?

We have several years of sports betting experience behind us and we have seen it all. Basically, groups and sites with these alleged forks can be divided into three groups:

 weirdos

 Branches

 Petty criminals

Below we present the entire group.


The typical weirdo is often underage and wants to make a name for himself on social media. When this weirdo starts a group and claims to have found out about “guaranteed referees bought” surefire rates through his channels, it’s mostly for the attention he gets.

The eccentric likes that people want something from him and that others supposedly look up to him. Lots of questions about his tips make him feel like a really great guy and can puff up his confidence a little more. But oddballs are by far the most harmless type of people who claim to be able to give us information about contractual coincidences.


Partners are advertising partners of bookmakers. They get paid to bring in new players through their links. Now the trick begins: these partners don’t want to sell you safe advice. They want you to use the links they post to sign up for betting sites, place bets and then lose your money. They earn commissions when the players they refer leave their money to betting providers.

The supposed safe bets they circulate as tips are only bait. These are businessmen who want to share your losses. They don’t identify as business people and are usually quite amateurs and losers who want to try their hand at business. But you can be careful to throw your tips in the trash. It’s hot air and nothing else.

In most cases, hints in supposedly fixed games have high odds. Then you think to yourself: if it really is one of those fixed matches, then you can make quite a lot of money from it. Safe betting advice just isn’t there for these wannabe businessmen. You won’t find Safe Bets on a Facebook group, let alone Twitter or Instagram.

petty criminals

Now we come to the last category of people who want to sell us safe betting advice in the form of fixed players: unscrupulous and criminal speculators.

These people are not criminals because they bribe referees or players. Because they don’t. They want you to believe that they are part of these circles, or at least have connections in the underworld of the betting mafia. However, whoever actually has these contacts certainly doesn’t create a Facebook page for them.

And here’s how the rip-off works:

  1. The creators of the page write that everyone who is interested in hints for fixed matches, please write in private messages. You can buy these betting tips.
  2. Reply to message: A safe bet is worth it. We are asked to transfer the amount to a Skrill account, to a Neteller account, or even transfer bitcoins.
  3. Then we get a tip from the third division of Qatar (or similar) with a fairly high rate. We bet, but the pick loses (if it wins, then pure luck).
  4. If we complain, we are either blocked or told that in exceptional cases something went wrong. A bribed player would not abide by the agreement. As compensation, we could get the next safe tip for half the price.

At the latest at this point, even the most naive beginner should understand: this is the end of the fun. This betting tactic does not work, and there is a good reason for this: there is no manipulation in the games mentioned.