The weekly bonus is a solution that is highly appreciated by the most enthusiastic online casino users, as well as new members with little experience. Its greater or lesser convenience depends on the conditions set by the online casino in the official list which you can find on our site, but in general it is safe to say that every player is pleased to know that he can count on a bonus that will make his game more exciting and, above all, significantly increase his chances of winning. In particular, recurring bonuses usually consist of an amount that is given to the player for free when a certain amount is deposited into their account. The bonus is usually calculated as a percentage of the amount paid. To give an idea, just give a simple example: if a client pays 100 to their online account and the weekly bonus offered by the company of 20%, the client will immediately receive a loan of 20 euros. This means that if you pay 100 euros,

This explains, therefore, the reason for the success of the bonus, which is as simple in content as it is convenient in its use. But there is more. In fact, many gambling companies usually offer their members a weekly bonus in stages, with the percentage awarded to the client increasing as the amount paid out by the latter increases. In this regard, the most common formula is the one that provides an interest rate of 25% for deposits of at least €20 and 35% for deposits of €100 or more. Let’s take a few examples to demonstrate the great convenience of these types of bonuses, always keeping in mind that the actual numbers may change depending on the online casino chosen. First of all, we can point out that if at least €20 is not deposited, the benefit in question cannot be accessed. In the example above, if the user deposits €20, they will receive €5 for free (i.e. 25% of the deposited amount) and will therefore be able to bet and bet for a total of €25. If you deposit €60 you can still take advantage of the 25% bonus, thus getting €15 free and being able to play with essentially €60 + €15 = €75.

Things get even more interesting when the client makes a €100 deposit into their virtual account. In this case, again referring to the example above, he will be entitled to an even higher percentage equal to 35% of the deposited amount. Thus, by investing 100 euros, he will be able to bet as much as 135 euros! Usually, online gambling companies have a limit on the amount that can be received as a weekly or monthly bonus. For example, you can set that the maximum amount that can be received with each individual weekly bonus is 70 euros. In this case, depositing 200 euros will result in a bonus of 70 euros (i.e. 35% of 200 euros), but also when depositing an amount of 300 euros, the bonus will always be 70 euros,

Why Online Casinos Offer Weekly Bonuses

Given the obvious convenience of recurring bonuses, both in the form of weekly bonuses and monthly (or even daily) bonuses, one might wonder if there is something behind it. We can reassure you in this regard because there are usually no hidden costs or disadvantages. Of course, it is recommended that you carefully read the rules regarding each individual bonus in order to understand its actual convenience and, above all, to understand whether this bonus suits your playing style and your strategies. In principle, we guarantee that all the casinos you will find reviews of on our website belong to reliable gambling companies certified by the AAMS (Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies) and possessing the requisites required by the current Italian and Italian regulations. Union. Briefly speaking,

Then you might be wondering why online casinos offer such attractive incentives to their customers. Well, on this point it must be said that gambling companies also have their advantage, primarily because in this way they are able to attract and retain a large number of customers, winning in fierce competition with other operators in this thriving sector. In addition, it must be said that online casinos usually use a device that protects them from any misbehavior of those who play from home. This is a so-called walkthrough, and it is a mechanism to prevent the player from getting the bonus and just play it as it is, without doing anything. Think of a user who deposits €100, gets a €35 weekly bonus and tries to immediately withdraw the €135 they earned from the bonus: that definitely doesn’t fit the spirit of the game, does it? ? This is why online casinos have a minimum walkthrough. In fact, before withdrawing the bonus, the client must make the minimum number of bets at which to bet a certain minimum amount. Only p After he has made these bets, the client can decide to collect the amounts available in his account from the received bonus.

Tips on how to get the most out of your weekly online casino bonus

Now you know almost everything about the weekly bonus and any other types of recurring bonuses such as monthly or daily bonuses. However, let me give you some more tips on how to make the best use of this type of bonus. First of all, keep in mind that the weekly bonus is not usually offered for all games on the gaming platform, but is limited to only some of them. Therefore, always read the rules, FAQs, and information pages of the terms and conditions on the website of your chosen gaming platform.

Also remember that this type of bonus is valid for a limited period, from Monday to Sunday or in a specific month of the year. Therefore, carefully evaluate your obligations during this period and do not be fascinated by the presence of a bonus. Unless you’re going to be playing a lot that particular week, it’s useless to invest large sums just to take advantage of a bonus that you may not actually use at all. Use common sense, play in moderation, and above all, think to have fun. Now choose your favorite casino and play – have fun!